Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Thank you, Roxy

A favorite fellow resident in Mom's nursing home was Roxy. Back in January 2012, I posted a photo of Mom holding her:
Always a pet lover, Mom enjoyed seeing this kitty in the halls when she was still able to take walks.
Roxy didn't forget.

She made several appearance in Mom's room in the last week. When we all visited on Wednesday, Roxy helped herself to the spare bed in Mom's room. She sprawled out and napped as we visited. Hubbins patted her generous tummy and whispered to me, "I think she gets extra treats."
What a great place for a cat to live! The temperature is always warm, there are eager folks around every corner to scratch her belly and under her chin, crocheted afghans and quilts a-plenty to curl up on, and judging by Roxy's size, no shortage of food.

On Sunday, after Mom passed away and we gathered once again at her bedside, Roxy was back.
For the first time in two years, Roxy jumped up on Mom's bed.  She stretched out across the width of the mattress at Mom's feet. She purred and snoozed for hours. She didn't get down until it was time for Mom to leave the room.

It was a special comfort.

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