Thursday, July 11, 2013

Summer Reading

Did you ever participate in a reading program when you were a kid? Every summer I can remember, my local library chose a theme and encouraged kids of all ages to read to their hearts’ content. As if owning a library card wasn't thrilling enough, I also got star charts, certificates of completion, and lots of praise from my librarian friends (thank you Kevin, Bonnie, and Jeannie). As a 17 and 18 year old, when I worked for my local library, I helped set up the displays to entice young readers to pick up the latest glossy picture book or newest young-adult fiction. I loved that job (thank you Kevin, Bonnie, and Jeannie).

This summer, I’m creating my own summer reading program. I’ve accumulated some great books over the last year and haven’t read more than two of them. You may have noticed I haven’t blogged about reading in ages.
So! To motivate myself, I designed a little book report template. I'll use it to share my reading progress on the blog. Here’s what is in my to-read pile this year (this will take me longer than the summer, I’m sure). 

I’ll share a book I finished recently in my next post to get the ball rolling. Oh, and new rule: no more book purchases until I make some headway. Seriously.

What’s on your summer reading list?

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  1. I'm reading Quiet. best book I've read in ages. 5 stars, A+, soon to be a major motion picture. 1300+ positive comments on amazon.