Thursday, April 18, 2013

Mother's Day is 3 Weeks Away

Subject lines in my email inbox right now:

Shower Your Love for Mother's Day
Save big! Just in time for Mother's Day!
Celebrate Mom. Enjoy 10% off gifts.
Mother's Day Gift only $25!
Mass marketing isn't very sensitive. Of course businesses want to cash in on a gift-giving holiday. But seeing the proper noun Mom, even in a bulk-email from strangers, makes me flinch.

I'm not shopping for monogrammed pendants or photo books or personalized stationery. I'm holding on by a thread, wondering if Mom will live for three more weeks.

I remember last Mother's Day, when she had been in the nursing home for only seven months.


Two years ago, we celebrated with my Grandma in Seattle.

Mother's Day 2009, Mom and I went on a springtime outing.


I even blogged about our 2008 family get together over Mother's Day weekend.

So much has changed in five years.

What hasn't changed is that every Mother's Day will be a celebration in my life. I am privileged to be the daughter of an incredibly special woman who loves flower gardens and spring buds and the color purple. No 10% discount can touch that.


  1. Once again, a very moving depiction of the tragedy of this disease...and the love that conquers all. Love you!

  2. Ah Emily--sending light and love your way. Lots of love to you and your family.