Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Happy 60th Mom

My siblings and I visited Mom over the weekend. It wasn't really a birthday party per se, but it was a celebration nonetheless.

So grateful to see her smiling.

I love the balloon my dad bought her.

Mom was very chatty (though we couldn't understand the majority of what she said). There were lots of sound effects and gestures, and lots of laughing. She regaled us with stories about something she found very funny.

Before we left, I took a quick peek in her room. It's the best decorated, if you ask me.

My sister whispered in Mom's ear, "I think you have the nicest room."

I'm so happy the nurses saved Mom's name tag from Clive's baby shower last summer.

Mom, my wish for you on your 60th birthday is that you will experience peace and know how loved you are. You have not been forgotten or abandoned. The stale halls of your Special Care Unit aren't big enough to contain our appreciation for you. I would never have guessed that a facility for Alzheimer's patients could be a context for grace or beauty. But even here our love for you grows, like a weed in cracked pavement.


  1. Beautifully painful, Emily. Thanks for writing. It's great to see all her smiles.