Thursday, January 31, 2013

Handmade Gifts

For the last six months-plus, I have been busy crafting. A whole swath of co-workers and friends had babies this year so I attended several baby showers, I made most of the Christmas gifts I gave, and I learned to knit. All productive activities for my hands. I come to life when I have a creative project.

Many happy evenings spent here (glorious mess!)...

...and here.
 These are some of the finished products.
Throw pillow for Mom-in-law; a tree for each member of the family.

Patchwork pillow for Grandma

Tacky ornament kits turned out to be fun gag gifts.

It's a pillow case. For the shark-lover in my life.

Christmas lap quilt for Sister-in-law

(it was a hit)

Window valance (Matryoshka dolls, not South Park characters)
Kitchen curtains - completed!
My first knitted washcloth!

"I heart NW WA" for baby Ruby

Baby hat - Robin Hood style
Baby hat - Rose bud style
Nursery decor

Pot holders

Whale pillow for baby Clive
Quilt for Sister

It's been a good year for making things. The gifts are a tangible way I can express love to the people in my life. Aren't I lucky to be surrounded by so many friends?