Friday, September 14, 2012

Good things to do in Summer (2012 edition)

Celebrate 31st birthday with your favorite people

Wear a hot pink sombrero
Girls' night out with adorable friends (mojitos and live jazz a must)
Visit the park with nephew #1


Attend baby showers for pregnant sister and nephew #2

Celebrate Dad's 60th birthday with a family work party and surprise dinner with friends


Visit Mom and make her laugh
Take a week-long vacation with Hubbins for home-improvement projects

Attend a family wedding in a rose garden.

Share bouquets from the garden

Bake a raspberry pie with sister
Sew decorations and gifts for nephew #2 to stay busy while waiting to meet him!



  1. my favorite are the nephew crafts and mama smiles!

  2. Things that make a 60 year old dad happy: wonderful, creative, loving, kids, growing families, and having fun!