Sunday, June 3, 2012

Grateful: A List to Remind me of Priorities

Today, I'm thankful for...

Spring. My favorite time of year. Even the rainy days feel like they're accomplishing something, since everything is growing like crazy. New blooms are a treat in my garden (I've already collected bouquets of lilacs, peonies and columbine, and the rose bushes are covered in buds). The sunny days we've had so far have been divine.

My employer. This summer, we're doing a mini-campaign of random acts of kindness. Each department has been allotted a small budget to do nice things for strangers, which we're actively planning. Inspiring.

Kitties. The little fur-friends provide so much entertainment. Their personalities are fun. Our house wouldn't be the same without them.

Banana pudding and Nilla wafers. With cool whip.

Brothers who make me laugh.

A morning run in the rain.

Pasta salad. I make a batch on the weekend and eat it with lunch all week.

Visiting the park with my 16 month-old nephew. I forgot how fun slides and swings are.


The anticipation of a new nephew on the way. That makes it sound like he's in transit. But you know what I mean. Babies are always exciting, but there's something different about preparing to invite one into the family. He's going to join the gang, the very first of a generation in our family. No pressure, buddy. We'll go easy on you. The only requirements for fitting in around here are a sense of humor and being comfortable in groups. We throw a lot of parties and tell a lot of jokes.

Happy 3rd trimester, Sis!