Sunday, March 18, 2012

My sister's pregnant! (Open Letter to Baby)

Dear Niece or Nephew,

Finally, you're not a secret anymore. You've only existed for 13 weeks, and until a couple of days ago, only a few people knew your mom (my sister) is pregnant. It's been hard waiting til I could announce you to everyone I know!

You see, you're coming at a very good time, Baby. This family could use some good news. Because of you, we know that life goes on and that love passes down from one generation to the next. All the things we love about each other matter. All the people who've shaped your parents' lives will now, indirectly, shape your life. Your brand new, barely begun, still "knitting together" life.

You can't even imagine how many people will want to hold you: names and faces you'll learn over time. We're all eager to shine our love onto you, cradle you in our arms (smiling too big to speak), hoping all the best for you and your unknown future.

I've been learning from my mom (your Grandma Vicki) that LIFE, all this breathing and heart-beating, eating and sleeping, the living we're all so preoccupied with, is just the tip of the iceberg. It's temporary. Tiny bodies grow, get bigger and stronger, then smaller and weaker, and eventually, there are last words and final breaths. But nothing is lost.  Eternity still contains our souls. Your "Good ol' Whistling Great Grandpa" Neil isn't here to hug, but he hasn't been diminished. Your Aunt Allison won't get the chance to hold you on this side of heaven, but you'll learn about the space she left behind. They're still members of the family, just absent for now.

You've barely just appeared from eternity, into our here and now. Because we can't see you yet, you still seem magical and unreal. We look forward to hearing your voice and holding your hand.

Thank you, tiny Baby miracle. You're about to change everything.

See you in September,

Auntie Emily


  1. Congratulations, Emily and family! What a wonderful auntie you're going to be, starting with this public welcome, and what a gift, for that child to grow up knowing how much they were cherished. Lovely!

  2. Hi, Baby. Auntie Emily will have to get in line because I'm going to be the first to dandle you on my knee. After that I'll read you Tin Tin, play trucks on the bed, teach you how to draw, play the guitar, make bread, avoid hot lava and alligators as you crawl on my knees stretched between couch and hassock, and teach you what a hassock is. We're going to have fun! Love, Grandpa Johnson

  3. Oh, yeah, we'll also do popcorn and books, collect ditch water and grow frogs, visit possum graveyards, and dig up all the toys your mother buried in our back yard when she was just a wee tyke. I have a picture of her kissing a frog and I'll show it to you when you come over. Do you like lizards? You will. You can dance on my feet and do belly bonkers. Gosh, you're gunna need a nap by the time our GDO is done. (GDO stands for "Grandpa's Day Out;" I'll teach you all about it soon). Love Grandpa J

  4. Congratulations Emily! You will spoil that baby rotten! Have fun!
    Nancy D

  5. Keoni can't wait to teach you everything uncle Jason has taught him! How exciting!

  6. I'm so happy for your sis and Brandon, and for your entire family. You will be such a beautiful, loving presence in this kiddo's life! Hugs.