Friday, March 23, 2012

Inaugural Run of 2012

Now that Daylight Savings has moved us across the threshold from darkness into light, the latent athlete in me is feeling antsy. She's sleepy after a winter of hibernation, but ready for Spring. Once again, the seasonally reoccurring day dreaming begins: this will be the year I become a real runner.

Starting March 31st, I'm moving beyond day dreams. I signed up for a six month training program to run a half marathon. Hubbins and I begin next week. I'm scared.

We ran tonight on our favorite trail, a 2.6 mile loop (full of hills) around a small lake. I wanted to see if I could still do it; this was my first run since mid December. We finished in just over 33 minutes; not a terrific time but I'm still proud, having not run at all for three months.

The last quarter mile felt like running upstream in a waist-deep river. But my lungs felt strong and there was a familiar burn in my quads that said, "We got this. Keep going."

One foot in front of the other. Small, quick steps like Carol taught me
I thought of Cami, who ran a 50k last weekend (good gravy. That's 31 miles). She did it in the mud and snow, on trails that are exhausting to hike even in warm summer weather.

I thought of how much my running has improved since attending two six-week sessions of the Fit School's running program for women. My confidence is increasing and time spent whining is decreasing.

I thought of how excited I am to share this training with my husband. We each have a lot of hobbies, but few overlap and interest us both. Except for this. We're both on board.

Sorry ladies, he's spoken for.
I hope you'll keep reading over the next six months and see where this adventure takes us.

Made it!

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