Thursday, February 16, 2012

Coming up: Neurology, Writing and Friendship

This weekend is going to be full. I'm excited and apprehensive.

On Friday, I'm visiting the University of Washington medical center with my parents. Mom has an appointment with a new neurologist. Her nursing home staff recommend we get a "second opinion" since they believe her symptoms are more complex than just Alzheimer's.

This gives me equal measures of hope and trepidation. I'm going as moral support, help with bathroom breaks, and to ask my own list of questions. Since Mom's diagnosis five years ago, I haven't participated in any of her appointments (and frankly, wasn't interested in any part of the medical classification or treatment - just wanted to experience it alongside Mom). But curiosity trumps discomfort, and when Dad asked for help, I volunteered.

My grandma also moved into a nursing home this past year and we will visit her, too.

On Saturday, I'm attending a writing class at the Richard Hugo House in Seattle. It was a gift from a close friend (who I get to spend the weekend with!), and I'm excited to learn about this writing community. The class I signed up for is all about metaphors. Can't wait.

Despite all of Friday and Saturday's intensity, I'm looking forward to good Seattle coffee and long conversations (the kind that can span a years' worth of catching up and still be deep and soul filling).

I plan to collect as much blog-material as I can, so stay tuned for an update next week.


  1. Will be thinking of you, Em. Have tons of fun at the writer's conference!

  2. Hope your family gets some good news and you enjoy every minute with your friend!

  3. This sounds like a huge weekend with all the ingredients for a compelling short story! I look forward to the update. Be strong and courageous :-)