Thursday, January 19, 2012

Adventures of an Etsian

My goofiest items on Etsy sell the fastest. I'm not sure if it's my witty descriptions or the dirt-cheap, must-sell prices. I'll let you judge for yourself.

I posted this as an experiment, and it sold in a matter of days:

Chicken wire fabric? Really?
Fabric - Chicken wire pattern

Or what about this gem:

Sold within 48 hours.

Fabric - Sardines, nutmeg, and oregano

I've discovered that craft supplies sell better on Etsy than finished products. I think the majority of crafty shoppers think the same thing I do when I see the latest handmade trend: "I bet I could make that." Turns out my skills on the sewing machine are in lower demand than raw materials. So I gave away most of the projects I finished last year, and I'm selling fabric on Etsy instead.

I shop for vintage linens every time I go to my local consignment stores. I've found some real treasures lately, and it's fun to wash, iron, and cut the sheets and pillow cases into usable pieces.

Vintage sheet (1 yard) - patchwork candy land Vintage sheet fat quarter - Vera Neumann ferns and butterflies
Vintage sheet fat quarter - purple flower power Vintage sheet fat quarter - yellow/orange daisies and mums

Note: A couple of years ago (when my sewing obsession kicked into high gear) I finally figured out what a "fat quarter" was. I'll spare you an embarrassing Google search. A "fat quarter" is one quarter of a yard of fabric, cut 18" x 22" instead of 9" x 44."

Allow me to demonstrate, with an illustration by yours truly. Fabric off the bolt in stores is typically 44 - 45" wide, sold by the yard. But when you only need a little bit of fabric, you probably don't want a long skinny strip. 

 There you have it, folks! All my Etsy secrets, revealed!

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