Wednesday, November 9, 2011 NIGHT!

I'm one week in to my second session of running class. Same time, same place...but now that Daylight Savings has plunged us all into darkness, we're running by head lamp.

While rounding the bend at the middle school track where we run, I blurted to my Exercise Buddy Michelle, "Who knew we would be taking a class on RUNNING, in the RAIN, in the DARK?!"

She laughed, "I know!"

"We are so hard core!"

Me (left) and Running Instructor Carol

Like any worthwhile endeavor, night running requires a specialized wardrobe. My tank top and spandex shorts just weren't cutting it anymore. I found running tights at Target, and Michelle and I are layering our long-sleeved-moisture-wicking shirts with water resistant jackets (light weight, warm, but not too warm).

We bought head lamps from, and went with the cheapest option we could find. Big mistake. I couldn't get the thing to turn on after the batteries had to be replaced (providing a grand total of 1 hour of use). It didn't even last long enough for our first class. But I did use it while cleaning my oven.

Cheap-o prototype. Lamp was crap, but the strap did wonders for my hair.
We also have to wear reflective glow-in-the-dark gear (requirement of the shoe store sponsoring the class). I doubt we'll come across much traffic on a dirt track in a residential neighborhood, but you never know. In one of our warm up runs, Michelle and I saw a deer saunter across the sports field. With lights strapped to our heads and neon vests velcroed tight, we needn't worry about being gored.

Winter months are always the hardest for me exercise-wise (at least in the dark and soggy Pacific Northwest) so I'm happy this winter session has us running twice a week.

Plus, I'm fast as lightning in my new running tights.

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  1. You inspire me. My lazy butt can't seem to keep exercising.