Monday, October 3, 2011

Book of the month: A Grace Disguised

September's reading was recommended on a blog I follow called Team Ewan. Kirsten's review is far more eloquent than anything I can say about it. Her beautiful and heart wrenching writing has been a big encouragement to me. So I took note when she recommended a book about loss.

I loved the book. The honest, raw, vulnerable discussion of grief was really soothing to me, especially this week. It provided a little glimmer of light.

On Friday, we moved my mom to a nursing home. Alzheimer's has done a number on her motor skills and basic functioning, and it reached a point that needed professional attention. Notice how I defend the decision, as if you're questioning the necessity of long-term care. Like I described here, mom doesn't belong among elderly invalids. But she does require more care than my family can provide.

The transition hurts a lot. Knowing she's not at home anymore means I can't pretend, even subconsciously, that life will ever return to normal.

It hurts too much to say anything else at this point.


  1. Oh Em... I am praying for you and your family.

  2. I'm sorry for what you're dealing with. My grandmother had this and thankfully (at least on some level this part is "thankfully"), she wasn't close enough for it to hurt so much. Also I was too young to fully process it. The same thing becoming of my own mother is a thought that I don't even want to entertain.

    All the best in dealing with it. I have no magic words for you, but I do hope that things go as well as you can reasonably hope for at this point.

  3. Yes, Emily, it hurts so much. HUGS