Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Attention craft-lovers: SALE!

Well, it's officially fall. Overnight the leaves turned color, a cool breeze picked up, and the days are noticably shorter. While this usually triggers a tantrum ("PLEEEEASE can I have more summer?"), this year I'm distracting myself with crafting.

My sewing machine is out again, the coffee table is covered with embroidery floss, and I'm reorganizing my fabric stash.

Want to join me?

Exclusively for you, dear blog readers...

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at checkout to receive 15% off!

Yarn - Bellezza Collection - Dolcetto Lime Fabric - Vintage Scandinavian fat quarter
Throw pillow 20" x 20" - Scandinavian yellow Jewelry Frame 3.5 by 4.5 inches

Thursday, September 15, 2011

I'm running again.

Weekly. TWICE weekly, in fact. Please recall that my prior relationship with running has been wrought with peril.

My workout buddy and I enrolled (with minimum coercion from me) in a running class!!!

From the informational brochure:
For women wishing to begin a consistent running program
This program provides:
• Twice weekly group workouts in a fun, non-intimidating environment.
• Personal goal development.
• Interval training.
• One on one attention.
• Advice on running technique and mechanics.
• Instruction in injury prevention, stretching and strength exercises.
• Overall enjoyment of running.

GAH! I'm so excited. My legs are sore today (two sessions under my belt) but it's the good I-just-accomplished-something-worthwhile sore.

My lifelong goal of being an REI model is about to come true!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Full heart

If there are any silver linings to Moms Alzheimer's diagnosis (and most days there aren't) one might be my increased appreciation for living.

I scour my life for beauty and sweet memories and divine encounters. I've uncovered a lot of treasures. Sometimes it feels naive and indulgent to be so swept up in grateful emotions and let the tiniest little things thrill me (I was nearly moved to tears during a peanut butter commercial this week). But it's a practice I plan to continue.

Some days are dark, cry-til-my-gut-hurts days. Last weekend I felt bulldozed by grief. I wrote angry words in my journal, and wallowed in the helplessness I felt. I purged all the sorrow-sludge up from the depths. Not pretty. I'm not comfortable sharing that stuff here.

But then there are weekends like this one, where I meet new friends and have meaningful conversations and the sun shines and I sense a Midas-touch of celebration. Creativity and inspiration abound. The world is a beautiful place.

Grief has widened my perspective. I feel like a funnel, taking in more than I have the capacity to contain.

I move forward with open arms, vulnerable but receptive.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Current Obsessions: Cath Kidston, Etsy Finds, Sisters on the Fly, Bunnies

 1) All things Cath Kidston

Online magazine


2) I love this necklace.

It seems appropriately moody to me, with a silver lining.
AdeloCreations on Etsy

3) Someday, I will be part of this club.

Sisters on the Fly: Caravans, Campfires, and Tales from the Road

Does the combination of love-for-all-things-vintage and camping appeal to you? It does to me. More inspiration here.

I'd like to read and take a nap in a cozy nest like this:

5. A pet bunny.

 Remember this post? Bunnysitting 2008

Me and Mr. Bun
I raised rabbits as a little girl, and will always have a soft spot for long fuzzy ears and twitching noses.

This blogger is a quilter and a rabbit owner:

Jeni: In Color Order
I love her blogs about her rabbit George and quilting {swoon!}.


Now I just have to convince the more skeptical members of the family that a pet bunny is a good idea.

"I need more information"

"Don't even think about it. I already have to share my humans."

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Vacation Project #3: Refurbished Furniture for my Garden

1. $5 antique store find

2. $35 gallon of mis-matched high-gloss paint, on sale for $7

3. New finish on old table

4. Extra space for container gardening!

Growing in my front entry: oregano, geraniums,
basil, moss, dill, lavender, cilantro, fern.