Monday, July 4, 2011

Achievements: Turning 30, Juicing, Running, 4th of July

Happy 4th of July!

Lots of good things happening here.

I turned 30 in June! I celebrated with family and friends, barbecue-potluck style.

Mom in law and nephew (5 months)
I was kind of expecting an emotional break down about being soooo ooold. But it never came. I know so many awesome 30-somethings, I just feel like I'm one of the cool kids now. Anyway, 30 is the new 21.


 I like having another benchmark for newness (like New Year's, or back-to-school mode in September). I expect nothing but the best from my thirties. The week of my birthday, I kept wanting to announce, "THIS is the dawning of a NEW era!" 

But then I remembered that line is from Scar's speech in The Lion King. The rest of the sentence is " which lion and hyena come together!" Oops.

Not quite what I was after.

I've used my new juicer (birthday gift) consistently for the last two weeks, usually twice a day. YUM. There's more produce in our fridge right now than I've ever eaten before. We keep buying more because we're consuming so much good stuff. I'm losing minimal pounds and inches, but feeling great and enjoying this foray into better health.

Even though I'm back on Weight Watchers and drinking vegetable juice everyday, I'm not calling it anything more than a health fad for now. There have been too many times that I think my lifestyle has made a complete one-eighty (Presto chango! I'm a health nut!) only to slip back to my normal, unhealthy eating habits and inactivity. So, all pressure is off, and I'm just enjoying myself. I feel really good.

Celery, romaine, peach, ginger, jicama, wheat grass juice

Spinach, strawberry, blueberry salad: orange vinaigrette made with the juicer

Hubbins is enjoying the juicer less so. He swallows it like NyQuil, doing his best not to taste it. He makes the same face the cat does when kitty gets hairball laxative jammed down his throat. 

This may fall under the category of TMI, but oh well: my BO smells different. Think eau de celery. Weird. 


Remember all my bitching and moaning about jogging? Well. I ran this weekend for the first time in two years. And I did it...the whole 2.6 mile loop all in one go!!! This tops the charts of "things I'm proud of and never want to do again." Boot camp at the YMCA is obviously paying off. Good job, lungs and legs. 

Naturally, I celebrated by buying a new pair of shoes. We're running again tomorrow and I must accessorize appropriately.

Hope you're enjoying the holiday...happy Independence Day!


  1. Don't worry; the emotional breakdown will come. Turning 30 sucks. (I'm 31)

    But I'm glad you're doing well. Sorry that my blogging has lagged back into nothingness; I probably surprised nobody by failing in my return. My excuse is that my expectation of working 25 hours a week has turned into like 60. That's a good thing for my career, but the blog was a casualty.

  2. Girl, 30 becomes you. I love your birthday dress. Purty.

    That juicer looks way fun. Now I want one. :) Enjoy a celery spinach cucumber mango smoothie/juice on me.