Thursday, June 16, 2011


When I’m tired of telling myself “no more,"

When I’m sweating at Boot Camp,

When I’m sure exercise is going to give me an aneurism,

When I’m overwhelmed knowing this is going to take time,


...I'm choosing to eat what I actually prefer

...Relationships are more important than size

Uganda, 2006

Auntie and Nephew (3 months old) March 2011

...I've completed even bigger goals

Table Mountain, Cape Town South Africa
Hiked December, 2005

...There are trips to look forward to this summer and fall
Lake Chelan, WA

... and cute bathing suits exist!



  1. WOO HOO! That food looked really good. I'm always inspired to cook better when I see pretty pictures like that, but I've found that it takes lots of energy to keep my kitchen stocked with healthy stuff.

    Hope the birthday was great!

  2. What a lovely reminder to focus on what's important in life! I find that when I focus on size and weight, I get frustrated and impatient. But if i try to focus on nourishing my body and rejoicing in being able to move, I'm a much happier person.