Monday, June 6, 2011

Healthy inspiration

Want to know the most motivating thing I've read recently? This blog post: Endurance Isn’t Just Physical. I've followed the blog for months, most interested in the before and after weight loss photos, assuming that kind of success is a fluke. But the author didn't start out dramatic, she worked up to it with small goals. Baby steps, to quote Dr. Leo Marvin.

At Tricia's recommendation, I'm in the midst of my own 21 Day Challenge and so far, small goals and a small time frame have made healthy goals realistic for me. Another week to go, then I'll share. 

In other health-news: tonight I started Boot Camp at the YMCA (Zumba's schedule changed last fall and I only went back once since then). 

Boot Camp was brutal. But in a good, lung-filling, head-clearing way. The instructor is British. Exercise directions are SO much better with an accent. Circuit train with a Brit, if you can swing it. The hour was dignified but strict. Like Mary Poppins.

How awesome would it be to have Mary Poppins as a personal trainer?!

She'd probably sing "Just a spoonful of Sweet n Low Makes the Medicine Go Down."

The fast-paced portion would be "Supercalisthenicswillmakeyourabsferocious."

Bert the chimney-sweep would lead a special session called "Chin-Chin Adieu."

I think I'm on to something.

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