Friday, June 10, 2011

Giveaway winner!

The winner of my Quitter giveaway is the lovely LISA!

As well as a reader of my blog, she is a blogger herself and also happens to be a real-life co-worker of mine. She is very deserving of this prize, number one because she is following her dream while keeping her day job as we speak and number two, she is the only participant in my giveaway who doesn't already own the book. :)

Check out her funny and fabulous blog, The Spice Pantry.

Happy reading, Lisa-lou!



  1. Yaayyyy!! I'm so excited to delve into this book! Thanks so much EM! You're wonderful! ♥

  2. Yay Lisa! I hope she is as blessed by it as I was.

    I'm holding onto mine for a little longer. I want to read through it again (plus I want to have it for the Quitter Conference) and absorb it all. Then I'm going to give it to a friend who is in a similar spot.

  3. Emily - Love you blogs ... so refreshing, not repetitive nor self-centered like so many I read, and NO whining!! Keep up the great work!!