Saturday, April 30, 2011

A reading year

My husband is a hard-core reader. He read 100 books in the last twelve months (doubling the goal he made for himself a year ago last May).

I'm more of a flirtatious reader, fluttering from book to book, toying with a particular author, or playing hard to get when it comes to finishing the last chapter. I've written about this before. That post from a year ago lists books I still haven't read (but all the titles have hyper-links now, if you're curious).

But Hubbins is inspiring me. He is smart. He knows a ton, not surprisingly.

If you were on a high-stakes game show and you were given the chance to phone someone to help answer a trivia-based question, he'd be the one to call. I'd give you his phone number...if that kind of thing wasn't frowned upon here on the Internet.

When we were first dating, I thought he was making stuff up all the time, trying to impress me. He does that too (and it's maddening when I can't tell the difference between made-up-stuff-to-get-a-reaction and real facts) but for the most part, he is a wealth of reliable information. I remember thinking I might marry this guy when I was comfortable enough around him to ask, "I've never heard that word before. What does that mean?" He specializes in marine biology, history, apologetics, politics, and Star Wars Trivia among other things, because that's what he reads about most.

I followed this blog for a while, by a woman who read one book every single day in 2009. I'm not that ambitious. A book a month seems do-able (gosh that sounds measly next to Hubbins' hundred). Will you hold me to it? Will you recommend some titles?

I'm saying all this on my blog because I think posting my progress will be motivating. I'm looking forward to sharing my literary adventures with you.


  1. I sent you a book to read. Does that count as a recommendation? :)

  2. My stratagem is to just keep working away at my stack of books before it buries me. It helps tremendously that I don't make myself finish each one (sometimes 50 pages is enough to get the idea; sometimes I decide to save myself the trouble after wading through just a few). It also helps that I read some children's/teen titles (being a youth services librarian, it kind of comes with the job). I think you can definitely do a book a month, though you'll have to push yourself a bit. Good luck! and have fun.