Friday, April 22, 2011

Frankly, My Dear...

Yesterday I told Self-Esteem, "It's time to learn to swim."

Then I pushed her into the deep end of the pool.


I participated in "crazy hair day" at work. This is noteworthy (no really, it is) for two reasons:

1) My hair has long been a source of shame.

2) I've always assumed that Unnoticed = Acceptable, and Conspicuous = Unacceptable.

But I'm debunking these myths.

It was "youth week" at work so we dressed up and decorated for a number of themes to make banking fun! And hip! I didn't participate in Sports Day (no jersey), or Clash Day (didn't have the guts to purposely dress tacky) or Rock Star Day (required knowledge of popular culture, of which I have none).

Crazy hair day I could do. I wasn't the only one. And I got more smiles and thumbs up and praise than I ever have. HA!!! Take that, insecurity! It was my attitude and participation that mattered more than feeling classy.

It was good confidence training to walk into the lobby looking like a Teletubby, greet my clients, and assist them with their financial needs (new safe deposit box, loan application, potential fraud). I wanted to laugh at myself to ease my own discomfort, but I carried on with business as usual.

It felt good to not give a damn.

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  1. Like a Teletubby? I love it. :)

    You're WAY cool.

    We tried to do a "clash day" at camp with choir 27 on tour, until we realized that we all had solid colors that matched with everything in our suitcase. Didn't work so well...