Friday, April 29, 2011

Five Minute Friday

If I knew I could, I would make a living sewing pillow tops and creating scrapbook pages. I would explode my Etsy shop to something that generated an income. I wouldn’t get bored doing the thing I love.

I would teach art to children.

I would go back to Africa. I would fly with my airplane-shy husband.

I would tell all the people I know (in real life and via blogs) how much they mean to me, how much they brighten my days.

I would plant a lemon grove, even in rainy Northwest Washington.

I would make pottery and paint it turquoise.

I would dry my laundry on a clothesline in the (scarce) sunshine.

I would collect blooming peonies all summer from my small garden.

I would write daily and make my blog something of cohesion rather than just random posts.

I would raise a bunny and train it to use a litter box. I’d build a hutch for the back porch since we don’t have a yard yet. I’d feed it carrots and lettuce and alfalfa pellets like I did when I was 8.

I’d spend more time with children and keep my perspective fun-loving and lively.

I would love my husband even more than I do today, coming up on our fourth anniversary next week.

I would be content with all the happy things that are already a part of my life. I know I can.

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  1. This is my first time doing Five Minute Friday. I love your list! Happy 4th anniversary!