Friday, March 4, 2011

This weekend...Emerald City Comicon

Don't be jealous: this weekend, I'm going to the annual comics convention in Seattle.

As you may recall, I married a nerd. My first comicon experience was still an eye-opener. I wrote all about it here.

When my husband asked me a few months ago if I would go with him to Seattle this year, I said yes with one condition: that I attend the event as an investigative journalist, with my camera, in order to blog all about it.

Now it's only a few days away and I'm wondering what I got myself into.

Hubbins has expressed his excitement multiple times this week. He asked me why I'm not as eager as he is.

I explained, "Imagine if I took you antique shopping for a day."

He protested my analogy without answering the question. "It's not the whole day."

"How long will we be there?" I asked.

"Two to four hours."

"How long will we spend anticipating it on the drive to the convention center and re-living it on the drive back?"

"Two hours each way" he answered cheerfully.

"See?" I said. "All. Day."

I confessed I was nervous.

"Oh yeah, you've never been to one of these, have you?" he asked.

"Only the local one two years ago!"

"Yeah," he said, "This is going to be a hundred times bigger."

Gulp. "It's like mecca for nerds!"

The whole event glorifies all the things I'm so grateful that he isn't into like costumes, fan-worship, comic book celebrities, and a whole life that revolves around fictional characters.

"I know," he responded. "Won't it be great?!"


I'm an Anne-of-Green-Gables loving, afghan crocheting, cookie baking, memoir-reading kinda girl. But I must admit I am excited knowing that William Shatner and Larry Hama will be there and so will the 501st Legion (did you know this existed? I had no idea. I'll try to get my picture taken with one of them). Stay tuned for a full report.

Next weekend, I'm lobbying for the Antique Mall.

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  1. Oh Em, take LOTS of pictures and I expect a FULL report when you get back.