Thursday, January 13, 2011

January 2011: Puget Sound View, Chuck Norris, Snow, Art

I'm enjoying 2011 so far.

Spent New Year's with this view

From this porch

I've been making progress on a granny square afgan I started months ago and I'm also working on a Valentine's Day project (stay are coming).

Chuck Norris has been kicking my butt

Enjoyed a few more snowy days

That's the tree we had our wedding pictures taken under

 Survived a little mishap

Sis and I waited for help...good samaritans in a Hummer pulled us out of the ditch.

Attended a surprise birthday party for my brother, planned by his girlfriend. He was shocked! So fun.

Discovered another favorite artist. This makes me happy
Found here

How is your new year shaping up?

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  1. Aw, your pictures make me feel like I'm there. A significant improvement over the drab sky I'm currently residing under. My 2011 has been good, though. The winter blues haven't hit me yet like they usually do in January. Fingers crossed...