Monday, December 6, 2010

A WINNER has been chosen (at random) Arthur the Owl and Gift Exchange Ideas

Arthur the Owl's new home is with........


(Hey, I just noticed your screen name sounds like mandolin...I love it!).

Send me your mailing address (emilyaj2 (at) and he'll be on his way.

I brought several owls to work and have sold over a dozen. The house has been covered in felt and thread all weekend (much to the kitties' delight).

Thank you everyone for your suggestions. Go back and check out the comments...some very hilarious ideas.

I ended up going practical for the gift exchange and gave my favorite cleaning products:

The scent is "Iowa Pine" and MAN does it smell good!! I bought myself the little plug-in-diffuser thingy a couple weeks ago and I love it.

The thing I really wanted to give was this:
Don't you LOVE it?????

The best gift given at our work party was this: I'm pretty impressed it has it's own webpage.


  1. wth? seriously?! an inflatable fruit cake? omg! pfff... I like fruit cake! I eat it :)

  2. Congrats Mandalyne!!

    Em - How much are you selling those little Arthurs for?? Sethy loves owls. I'd love to get one for him and another for his grandma if you're not too busy to make a couple more! :)

  3. Yay! I won!!! Thank you:)

    The ninja cookie cutters would have been a fantastic gift, too bad they were sold out. But still a good idea for next time!