Saturday, November 27, 2010

Ornament giveaway! Arthur the Owl

This is Arthur. He's wise fellow who would like a spot on your Christmas tree.

I made him to give to one lucky winner.

Here's how to enter: leave a comment on this post with a recommendation for me. What is the best present you've ever given or received  at a white elephant gift exchange? My department at work is having a party this week, and the gag gift I was planning on buying sold out. Help needed!

I'll draw one name at random (double entry if you include a web address where I can find your gift suggestion). I don't even have to like your idea if it's something crazy like a live mouse, edible underwear, or a dead snake wrapped in tin foil* don't hold back. I want to hear your ideas.

*All actual examples witnessed by me.

My work party is mid-week so I'll select a winner shortly thereafter and give you a full report about what idea I use.

Good luck!


  1. Arthur is so cute and I want him.
    In middle school I brought PlayDough to a white elephant party. I thought it was the best idea at the time but the poor unfortunate recipient probably did not agree.

  2. An Ipod...oh wait that was from the office. I've never received a good white elephant gift but I LOVE your owl and think he wants to live at my house :) hi Emily! Danielle Dow

  3. I didn't actually get it, but at one exchange there was this very large, very odd witch doll. Apparently it was a recurring gift and had made an appearance at about three exchanges. People even fought over it.

  4. I hope I win, Artie is so cute! (See how much I love him, I already gave him a nickname. :))
    In high school youth group, I'm pretty sure you were there, there was a gift of a dozen doughnuts that EVERYONE wanted.
    Is it suppose to be wacky and crazy? That dead snake sounds pretty creepy! If I went to a white elephant gift exchange and knew which gift was yours, I'd be expecting a homemade craft or ornament. I love homemade touches, but that wouldn't really work if it's suppose to be wacky. Maybe some funky Christmas socks? Fred Meyer had some on sale last week and they have a 15% off apparel coupon this week in their flyer.
    Hope you find the perfect gift! (And I'd love to know the item you were planning to bring but sold out!)

  5. What a fun post!

    Ok, we've been doing white elephant in my family for years! And "Fred" has been making the rounds since the beginning of our game. You see, Fred is very special. He is a frog. A taxidermied (is that a word?!?) frog to be exact. And he's not just any old taxidermied frog either...he's standing on hid hind legs playing a String Bass. And yes, he is as awesome as he sounds. I couldn't find him online, but I think this guy might be a relative of his. :) (let me know if the link doesn't work since I'm doing this from my phone.)

    Also-I've never gone home with them, but giant underwear have always been a hit whenever I've seen them at White Elephant parties. :)

    Arthur is sooo cute! I'd love to meet him in person! <3

  6. Last year someone gave a cvs version of a snuggie called a slankie or slanket? Everyone was fighting over it.