Saturday, November 27, 2010

Interpretation, please

This morning when the cat woke me up, I was in the middle of a really weird dream.

I had volunteered to help my former church update their interior decoration. They were painting all the doors and door frames red. However, there was a spaghetti feed going on at the same time ('cause what church doesn't combine manual labor and fund-raising?). The supply room that contained all the paint also had all the pots full of spaghetti sauce. I started painting with sauce, and didn't realize it until I saw that the texture of my "paint" had mushrooms and peppers in it.

I laughed and told multiple people about my mistake (who just happened to be there, too): a current co-worker, my husband's cousin, family friends I haven't seen in a decade or more, plus a few people I didn't recognize. The detail of the room we were in, the conversations and rehearsed jokes, the church service that started while we were painting, were all so BELIEVABLE!

Anyone have any ideas? Was I dreaming about Passover? Time to paint my house? What did that cast of characters have in common in order to all show up in my psyche at the same time? Fascinating. I'm hungry for pasta.

1 comment:

  1. Maybe you're flashing back to tour and all those spaghetti dinners. Or maybe it's your subconscious telling you there's been enough time since tour that you can finally eat spaghetti again,

    I'm impressed that you remember so much detail. So often I wake up, the details so blurry I can't put together any cohesive thoughts. I do remember dreaming last night about several guys asking me out on dates, even though I was married. And Drew told me it was okay to go. And it meshed into a weird dream with all the choir kids in it.