Monday, September 27, 2010

Since I last wrote...

A week ago Saturday I helped throw my sister's bridal shower. Her big day is less than a month away!

How adorable are these two?
It was so fun to be able to spoil my sister with love and attention. She's seven years younger, and I was tempted to tell embarrassing stories from childhood, but I didn't. She's a grown-up woman now, and I'm so happy for her and the love of her life. Our friendship is one of the most important and valuable relationships in my life. I can't even explain. If you have a close sister, you know.

Both our grandmothers were there for the shower, her future in-laws came (mom, grandma, step-mom) plus her mentor-friends, and life-long-girlfriends. We hadn't all met each other before, but there was instant camaraderie. They all love my sister so much, I had fun shining the spotlight on her. Women celebrating relationships: it's a beautiful thing.

My husband and I started a 13-session class last Sunday called The Truth Project. The basis of session one was the question, "What is truth?" Deep stuff. My faith tends to be mainly emotional (on a good day? I BELIEVE! On a bad day? The world is a cruel, meaningless place). I'm prepared to be challenged and stretched in this area.

Caught a cold last Monday, felt gross all week. Thanks to powerful over the counter drugs, my head doesn't feel like a balloon anymore. Darn seasonal germs. I blame the time of year.

Took an upholstery class Wednesday night. Stay tuned for photos of The Most Beautiful Ottoman In the Whole Wide World. I have wanted to learn how to upholster stuff for years but never knew how to start. Read a book? Boring. Offer myself as an apprentice to a professional? Too 19th century. Trial and error? Too expensive. And then. I discovered. THIS. I'm hooked.

Had a crummy couple of days this weekend, but life is bustling and busy and I have a lot to be thankful for.

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