Monday, August 2, 2010

Welcome to my Garden - Spring 2010 Edition

These two little strips of earth outside our front door have been so invigorating. I was a tiny bit disappointed when we bought this place last November, not to have any yard in front or back, but this little outdoor space has been just enough for me. A lot of perennials were already planted, so it was fun to be surprised by what bloomed this spring. Two varieties of lilacs were new to me (no longer in bloom) and the vine climbing up the pillar is jasmine, also a first for me.

The bright pink roses (Jackson and Perkins' "Electric Blanket") were already established, and man have they been blooming like crazy.  

In the fall, I pruned the heck out of them, but it paid off. I've given away lots of bouquets, literal handfuls of bright pink blooms. That's my favorite thing about gardens: growing flowers to cut and bring inside or give away. Mom did that when her gardens were in their prime. I loved helping her gather dahlias and zinnias and roses and daisies...the list goes on.

There's something very therapeutic about caring for a little sprout of a plant, too. I bought peonies (those glossy leaves below, closest to the edge) and blue lobelia (in the middle of the photo) at the sale section of our local nursery. Finding root-bound or thirsty plants off the scratch and dent shelves feels like an even better find, because the need to nurture kicks up to high gear.

Also, it's so cheery to step out my front door and see color and growth, and smell the jasmine and thyme and rosemary as I head to work.


Sometimes I say, "Goodbye little garden! Keep growing today!" as we pull out of the driveway. Pretty sure my husband thinks I'm crazy.

Book bag and water bottle at the ready

Oh, and in case anyone is curious, the lavender is recovering nicely. There it is in the center, down below. I trimmed the dried bits and propped it up with more soil and have given it lots of extra water.

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