Friday, August 13, 2010

Uganda update

Several weeks ago, I received a newsletter from the African Children's Choir, who I worked with in 2004-2006. One of the children I toured with (as chaperone for a 24-member choir raising money for school at home in Uganda) was featured as an example of a new program at the primary school.

These are the bright and shining faces I met in April of 2004. Douglas is in the back row, on the far right.

Now look at him! I am so proud. I miss these kiddos so much it hurts.

From the newsletter:
P7 [seventh grade] student Douglas happily reported that he was able to use what he learned in his auto mechanics exploratory (after school club) while on his school holiday. Douglas' brother-in-law had a flat tire on his car and Douglas offered to change it. The man was hesitant, seeing that this was just a young boy, but Douglas insisted he could help. "My brother-in-law was so surprised because there are big people who can’t do that," said Douglas, "and it was a skill I learned in just two days.”
That would have been useful on tour, especially the day we parked our charter bus at a wilderness camp in Minnesota, and one of the back wheels broke through an old (empty) septic tank. THAT was an adventure.

Love you Dougi. Miss you, choir 25.


  1. Awww, what a wonderful update! I'm a teacher and I can't wait to start getting updates on my kiddos!

  2. *sniff* Oh, the septic tank incident. THAT was a fun day.

  3. Love this. Makes me want to return to Africa. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful, simple, yet inspiring story. Perfect!