Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The other half of my weekend

While crafting up a storm, here's what I didn't do on Saturday:

1) Laundry.

2) Shower (I took a walk/jog instead and got a sunburn).

3) Win at darts. 

When I was finally presentable, we went out to our favorite pub for a pint and a game of darts. This is me giving extra helpful advice to Hubbins, who was using my phone to take a picture of the pitiful scoreboard.

Side note: I'm a sore loser. Sometimes I get so mad I just make temper-tantrum shots and throw as hard as I possibly can. It got me a bulls eye ONE time. 

This shot made me laugh really hard. Check this out:

Please note that the dart is stuck into the adjoining wall. It bounced off the dart board at a funny angle and this was the result.

More helpful advice and a speech on the unfairness of the world:

"Take me home to my sewing machine!"