Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Curly Girl

I'm making progress in the hair department. A friend told me last night she sees a noticeable difference and I can't tell you how happy that made me. I'm almost ready to schedule my follow-up appointment with Samantha and proudly show her my progress. I've pulled very little in the last 2 months and it shows.

Pearls: Meditations on recovery from hair pulling and skin picking

I recently ordered a copy of Pearls ("Meditations on Recovery from Hair Pulling"). It's written by Christina Pearson, a woman I discovered online, who has made her life's work to help people with trichotillomania. Here's a sample of her blog. Very encouraging.

Speaking of inspiring books: for any other curly heads out there, you've got to read this one: Curly Girl. I've owned a copy for almost 10 years, and I review it every once in a while to remind myself what's great about curly hair.

When I was seeing a counselor last year, I made several scrap book pages about my love/hate relationship with my hair. I'd like to share it here because of all the pictures I found at various stages of denial, acceptance, and eventually, good hair days. Remind me if I forget.


  1. I so love your honesty, Emily. Go curly girl-power!

  2. I remember when you first came home to the Vallette house with that curly hair book. I think that was about the time you stopped wearing grandma u********. oh my. lol.