Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Gospel According to Keith

If the New Testament took place in the twenty first century, I'm pretty sure the captains on Deadliest Catch would be disciples. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John's testimonies seem less believable to me right now than life through the eyes of Captains Sig, Phil, Keith and Andy.

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Talk about a raw perspective. I cried during last night's episode. The tipping point was when Keith heard about Phil's condition after a massive stroke and prayed, "Cut him some slack Big Guy, cut him some slack."

Faith at such a gut wrenching level is compelling. I could say more about all the spiritual parallels in the show, but that seems unnecessary. The impact of last night's episode is still lingering.

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  1. Thanks for this perspective. Although I don't regularly watch the show, I've seen enough to know it's pretty intense. I think I've got an image in my mind of Peter leaning over the side of his rowboat with a fishing pole. But Deadliest Catch might be a more realistic image (minus the GPS and such things).