Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Trying this out...

Apparently Amazon.com has hooked up with Blogger and now it's easier to link to books and music and such. I'm going to try it.

Two new additions to my wish list: Away We Go soundtrack.

Anybody seen this movie? Hilarious! I loved it. It's about an expectant couple trying to "settle down" to start a family and the dynamic of their relationship and all the friends they visit throughout the movie is really entertaining and believable. Puts a new spin on parenting (at least for me, a non-parent) since the story takes place before the baby is born. The emphasis is all on anticipation, fear, excitement, and expectations. Word of warning: don't watch this movie with small children or your parents unless you're really comfortable talking about sex 'cause there are a few adult-themed moments (what with the movie being about making a baby and all). But making a family is really the theme.

The music...oh, the music is so wonderful. I have a crush on Alexi Murdoch's voice. Follow the link and find a sample. Seriously.

Once soundtrack. I haven't actually seen this movie, but I  love the song called "Falling Slowly." It is beautiful. It's one of those harmonies-are-so-good-I-get-goose-bumps songs. Can anyone recommend the movie? I'm content to listen to the soundtrack for now, but maybe the story is good too.

Any American Idol fans out there will recognize it as the duet Crystal Bowersox and Lee DeWyze sang last week. Amazing.

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