Monday, May 10, 2010

Bosom Buddy

Disclaimer: this post is meant for girls. Cause I talk about bras. There, you’ve been warned.

One thing I have a hard time spending a lot of money on is underwear. Nobody sees it, I don't have to "impress" anyone (sorry, husband), and it is one of those clothing items that stays sequestered out of sight. Therefore, why spend loads of money on it? Well, here's why. Kind of like shoes, you get what you pay for. If you need support, a comfortable fit and functionality, Pay Less tennis shoes are going to crap out on you in no time. Cheap bras are the same way (but with a different kind of "arch support").

There are a lot of factors at work when it comes to a bra: under wire (sharp metal spears held tightly against your ribcage? Egads!) elasticity, appearance (lace, bows, straps, embroidery etc.) and aerodynamics all have to be considered. And here's what I've learned the hard way: if my bra is uncomfortable, life is hell. This is one region of my anatomy I don't want sweat, unbridled chub, scratchy or binding fabric, or limited lung function. And I've experienced all of the above. I tried to resurrect a bra recently that I had almost given to Goodwill (but then decided to keep, because shopping for a new bra is murderous), hoping I was just imagining things. Nope. I really do feel like I've got a couple of torpedoes strapped to my front (even though my husband pleaded, "But I like handling artillery!"). Nope. It really does jab in all the wrong places (and who wants blisters under her arms?).

So, with the help of friends and relatives providing moral support and an extra set of eyes I trusted to see the unthinkable, I went bra-shopping. And it's a good thing I did. I discovered the perfect fit. It's made by Victoria's Secret. Even though I was taught at a young age to avert my eyes when walking past this hot-pink palace in the mall, even though their advertising verges on porn, even though I feel subjectified when I see their larger-than-life window posters of seductive poses, Victoria actually had a darn good Secret. If you are like me and your bra size can't be found in the first three letters of the alphabet, I highly recommend my new discovery: Perfect Coverage. At first glance I thought, "No way. Padding is the last thing I need, especially when it feels like a memory-foam mattress." But I've got to tell you, I'm hooked. I have a crush on my cleavage. I feel streamlined. I feel less matronly. Husband hasn't objected to the new look.

I'm too shy to post pictures (or even a VS link), but go check it out at a store near you. The girls will thank you.


  1. Really?? I'm impressed. I haven't been able to buy a bra at VS since I mastered the ABCs in high school. My mid-alphabet girls are only satisfied by Nordstrom wear. ;) Of course they cost so much there that I have to keep the darn things until they unravel!! Thanks for the tip! And kudos to you for taking on the task of bra shopping. Whenever I go I have to arm myself with my very best sense of humor, a giant piece of humble pie, some chocolate and a good friend. It can be seriously traumatic! I'm glad you had success!!

  2. I love hubby's comment about artillery. Awesome.

  3. New reader to your blog and enjoying getting to e-know you ;)

    I am a fan of Victoria Secret Bras, even though I wear the largest size I've ever seen them carry in the store. Any that I have gotten there have been comfortable and lasted a long time!

    -Katie from
    Haley and Katie Go Skinny