Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Stuff Christians Like

My reaction to SCL:
1. Hey, this guy is funny.
2. Look at all the comments; there are multiple people who feel this way!
3. How can I meet these people who are educated and witty and willing to admit flaws as Christians?
4. We should start a CHURCH!
5. Oh wait…then we’d create our own subculture and be in the same position we’re currently fed up with and our kids would write an impassioned sequel and we’d realize we had only perpetuated the stereotypes.
6. Never mind.


  1. Oh, this made me laugh so hard. I just finished reading today's post and all the comments. Thank you for this reminder. :) We'll never find the perfect church. Unless you and I were the only members. That would be pretty cool.

  2. I think you just summarized the entire Emergent movement.

  3. Just think how fast we could set-up and tear-down! One chair and one pulpit. We'd take turns with each. HA!

  4. It'd be like tour, just WAAAAY faster!