Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Do you have any recurring daydreams? Are there any locations you revisit mentally that are made-up or embellished? I have a few.

I like to imagine myself living on the prairie. I can visualize fields that stretch out like the ocean, riding horses at full-gallop, inspecting my fences on the edge of my property, sitting tall in the saddle and confident in a cowboy hat. I picture a big farm house, and I'm in the kitchen baking powder milk biscuits for the farmhands. Everybody is wearing plaid and gingham and we're blonde like the hay from the fields. The sun is always shining and the hills in the distance look blue. The horse stables smell crisp like alfalfa and leather. Wild flowers grow easily and I work hard every day and manual labor is refreshing.

Another favorite location is my make believe garden party. Twinkly lights hang from tree branches and paper lanterns glow like ripe fruit. A long picnic table is covered with linens and matching place settings and fresh bouquets. The meal includes lots of dishes made from strawberries. The girls have flowers in their hair. The men are OK eating outdoors and enjoy themselves too. Barefoot children chase fireflies as the sun sets. Anyone listening can hear our laughter echoing from a mile away.

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