Thursday, January 21, 2010

To Do: Rose Planning, Gardening, Crochet

To do list:

1. Buy this rose. Plant it in my little garden.

Over the weekend I pruned the heck out of the few plants in front of our house. I'm very happy with my little garden plot. It's not a yard, but it's just enough to have a few flowers. Being in the dirt felt good. I ripped out two juniper bushes before they took over the neighborhood, hacked away at a rosemary plant that had gone haywire (it smelled really good, like seasoned foccasia bread), and hauled a bunch of rose bush trimmings away. My hands look like I had a fist fight with one of the cats.

2. Crochet this scarf.
I got all inspired last week to pull out my crochet hooks again. I think it was because I could sit in the living room with my yarn while my craft room was occupied (aka: having the ceiling replaced). It's nice to feel 100% cotton in my hands. Methodical stitches and symmetrical rows are strangely soothing. I'm not making anything too grandiose, just a few granny squares. But my ambition knows no bounds. Isn't that scarf in the picture beautiful?

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