Thursday, December 3, 2009

The dust is settling

We vacated our apartment on Saturday. We've been furiously unpacking and setting up house. I've taken a ton of pictures but haven't had a chance to upload many. Instead of a pictorial play-by-play, here's a shot that sums it all up.

For the last two weeks, we've been running around preparing for this big shift. My purse became the "catch all" and the only thing I knew I would be able to find during the move. Therefore, every miscellaneous thing without a home got stuffed in. Today I finally cleaned it out. The only thing missing is Waldo.

2 checkbooks
Coffee punch cards
2 Misc to-do lists
Sketch of bedroom with moveable bed (for deciding how to set up master bedroom)
1 pen
$0.75 in quarters
3 pairs of earrings
Lavender sunscreen (it’s 28 degrees outside)
Address book
Cosmetics bag
List of utility companies to call
Results of blood work from Dr. (cholesterol and Vit D levels)
Rx receipt for mega-dose of Vit D
Laminate Flooring brochure from Lowe's
Business card of flooring specialist at Home Depot
Bobby pins
Behr paint pamphlet
16 paint color samples
2 Red Robin coupons
Passports and debit cards
Sink drain stopper from apartment (probably should have left that)
2 notebooks
10 random receipts (gas station, grocery store, WalMart, Dump, TJ Maxx)
Pack of gum (which spilled into the bottom of purse)
Health insurance card
Martha Stewart scrapbook stickers
Target coupons
HairMasters coupon
Toothbrush (from my visit to the dentist 3 weeks ago)
Sheep-shaped tape measure
Cell phone
Coupon for facial
2 rough drafts for power point presentation for work
Umbrella case (no umbrella)
2 Burt's Bees chapsticks

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