Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The moment we've all been waiting for

Guess what?

We're moving! Our loan got the final green light last week, and we are mere hours away from being homeowners. We signed the last of the mountainous paperwork on Monday, and we're waiting for our Real Estate agent to call and tell us she has our new keys. The apartment is in total disarray as we start packing all the non-essentials.

Prior to moving in, our projects at the new place include: new flooring, update some or all of the kitchen cabinets, install a security system, fix broken pipe(s), enclose water heater to comply with building codes, buy a washer/dryer and fridge (last owners took theirs) and patch crack in garage floor. We have help lined up and professionals on call, so we're hoping to get started this weekend. CRAZY! I am so excited, but bracing myself to take one step at a time, because I know it will be a process. We've given notice to our apartment managers, so we have to be completely moved out by the end of the month. Between now and then, we'll be consolidating our possessions (we've accumulated a LOT in 2.5 years of marriage), making room for boxes, and cleaning like crazy.

JAK: this picture is for you. My valuables are being given special attention. Rest assured that the new household will be complete since I'm bringing my decorative banana.


  1. Not that we wouldn't accept help with the work at the new place! :)

    The Hubbins!

  2. I can rest easy knowing the banana is well packed. :)