Monday, November 16, 2009

It's been one week

In case you think we're lounging around with nothing to do, read on.

Day one of home ownership (11-9-09): Signed Chicago Title paperwork. Left with an ominous feeling, wide eyes, and cramping hand. Final payment due in 2039???

Day three: Keys delivered to work by Real Estate Agent. Hard time concentrating the rest of the day.

Day four: First act as homeowners: bought air freshener for entry way. Musty potato smell subsides. Removed child-proof latches from every door imaginable. I’m led to believe previous owners kept poisonous chemicals in every cupboard. Took down rusty metal blinds from master bathroom shower (Wha?). Purchased 1600 square feet of laminate flooring. Dismantled crummy shelving unit in spare room.

Day five: Shopped at Home Depot for light bulbs and toilet seats. Cleaned previous owners’ black crusty overflow from oven. Pulled carpet up in spare room, found horrifying stains and mold, had panic attack. Ate first meal in new home: PB and honey sandwiches. Forgot to bring a knife; spread peanut butter with screwdriver. Replaced all toilet seats. Promptly clogged toilet; declared first “off limits” zone. Cleaned until 1am. Slept like the dead.
Day six: Shopped for new appliances. Repairman-friend assured us the mold and stains we unearthed are treatable. Recruited my brothers to help pull up all carpets in living room, hallways, bedrooms. Pulled up all carpet-holding-nail-boards. Pulled up all carpet padding. Pulled up all carpet padding staples. Swept and vacuumed all surfaces. Fed brothers. Painted raw wooden floor as moisture block for new laminate floor. The two of us used one rolling brush and one handheld edger brush. Carried our shoes up and down the stairs so as not to spread primer. Primer ran out at midnight. Realized this is going to be a lot more work than we anticipated.
Day seven: This morning we packed our car with the fourth load of boxes. We'll transfer as much as we can into the new garage while the living area flooring is finished. Tonight's project will be removing trim.
Photos coming soon.

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  1. I can empathize...we ripped up about 1/2 the amount of carpet as you guys and THAT was a lot of work! We found and Kilz-ed the previous owner's cat pee stain that was the size of Manhattan and swept and vacuumed every inch of subfloor. It was a lot of hard work, but we love our laminate floors! Can't wait to see pictures and CONGRATULATIONS on being homeowners!!!