Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tricks I play on myself

Here's how I've been keeping myself on the right track since deciding to eat healthier:
  • Water is easier to drink if it tastes like something. I freeze lemon and lime wedges and put one in my Nalgene bottle at the beginning of the work day. Chilly, flavored water is much easier to drink. The only drawback: a woman in my office today asked, "What's that green fuzzy thing in your water?" Ew.
  • Splenda + fat free half and half in my coffee is delicious and low on calories. It took me months to even purchase fat free half and half. What's the point? What two halves am I drinking now? Oh well. I'm over the obsession with cream. I don't think I'll ever be able to drink black coffee. It seems too medicinal (and tastes disgusting).
  • A little yogurt and granola goes a long way. Seriously: 1/3 cup of each is actually filling.
  • The torrid love affair with peanut butter must end. I'm still grieving the end of this relationship. One measly tablespoon hardly seems worth it, but it's better than nothing on my sandwich bread.
  • Today, for the first time in YEARS, I bought a bag of baby carrots (ask me sometime about a two-year overdose on baby carrots). I like the crunchiness, but why are they slimy? Sick. It's more than I can handle.
  • The biggest temptation for me at work is the vending machine. Solution: no change in my desk drawer.


  1. I like your solution of the citrus in your water, that's funny how the lime looks fuzzy after awhile:) I'm not a black coffee drinker either, but I'd steer clear of's just not good for the body. There are a few low cal options that are healthy in the new Stevia packets or Xylitol. Also I read that the best way to buy baby carrots is organic. The other kind get dipped in chlorine to avoid the natural whitening that occures on the carrots. I'm anti slimy carrots, too, ewww. Much worse than fuzzy green things in your water!

  2. So I wonder if your overdose on carrots has anything to do with my overdose on fried chicken? :)

    I love you girl.