Saturday, May 30, 2009

Note to Self: a Future Garden

Planted last weekend to replace the Unruly Hedge:

Planted on Magnolia Hill:


  1. My Blue Carpet Creeper (aka Phlox) has taken over! It is so thick it is choking out the azalea bushes - BEWARE!

    PS - Am totally jealous that you can grow hollyhocks there!

  2. I was at it again yesterday, working on the flower beds closer to the house. I came across a LOT of blue star creeper, and realized I chose a hearty plant, for sure (ironic that I bought a new plant, when the other beds had it creeping all over the place). I had to use the lawn mower over some of it, since it had creeped itself right into the lawn. I think this is actually a good sign, because in the next 10 years, when the slow cycle of garden-decay repeats itself, blue stars will be prominent. Better that than dandelions, I say. Just wait til you see what I did to our azalea!