Wednesday, May 27, 2009


[Insert profanity here]

Colorful metaphors were all I could think of this evening. After 4 weeks of not running, Hubbins and I made a comeback tonight. We didn't run the week we celebrated our anniversary, or during our getaway. The day we came home, we both caught colds and were down for the count for a full week, plus recovery time (during which I developed a nasty cough that had my co-workers asking if I'd started smoking cigars). Hard to believe that much time passed since we last ran.

Running again felt like starting from scratch. Any progress I'd made or muscle I built had vanished. The only thing I retained was my pattern for breathing: inhale for three steps, exhale for three steps. Counting to three repeatedly was the only thing that got me through tonight's run. That, plus encouragement from Husband. After the first mile, my legs got the hang of it and didn't hurt too bad, but I struggled the whole time to maintain a reasonable pace.

I'm still so new to running that I can't distinguish between running "too fast" and a pace I can maintain. All I can concentrate on is forward motion. It all feels too fast. I have to match J's speed and ask him to help me slow down. This seems so counter-intuitive because all I can think about is the last mile marker and getting the whole thing over with. I subconsciously speed up in order to finish, but then wear myself out that much quicker.

Can you recommend a good work-out soundtrack? I think music will help me. I have an MP3 player, but haven't put anything on it yet. I need songs that will get me moving, keep me motivated, and distract me from all my over-analyzing and self-consciousness. What songs get you up on your feet, or make you angry, or increase your heart rate just by listening?

I know my play list will have to include Alanis Morissette, Lose Yourself by Eminem, and Revolution by Kirk Franklin (hey, where else will you see those names together?).


  1. Soliders usually have pretty fast-paced, hard-rocking songs on their iPods. Maybe you can find a 'soldier playlist' on the internet?

  2. As a matter of fact, here's a link to an article addressing this very issue!

  3. I HATE just getting into an exercise routine and feeling real good about it and then getting sick and being down for the count and by the time you get back into it you feel more out of shape than before. It's so sad. Hang in there. You can do it. I'm inspired by you. :) And if I think of any good running songs, I'll let you know.

  4. U2's "Where The Streets Have No Name" is a perennial favorite, and I'm really digging "It's Not My Time" by Three Doors Down right now.