Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Travelogue part 3

Monday 5:13pm

As promised, here are all the relevant details:
Where? Jacksonville, FL
Why? 4th Annual Girls’ Getaway
With who? Jamie (fellow African Children’s Choir chaperone)
How long? All weekend!

Source: http://www.getaway4florida.com

I’m on a layover in Atlanta, GA on my way back to Seattle so I have a moment to post an update. Jamie and I packed a lot in to the last 3 days. The highlights: Sightseeing at St. Augustine (the oldest city in the nation), spent a day at the beach in Jax, we ate at Joe’s, and enjoyed sweet tea and sunburns (okay, the burn is not really enjoyable, but I‘m no longer the whitest person in the lower 48).

This time together, we’re both married women, so we swapped a lot of stories about married life, why we love our husbands, and what we’ve been up to in the last couple of years (the last two visits have been for each others’ weddings, so not a lot of time to visit). A strange concept, us needing to “catch up” after almost two years of spending every day together. It was strange not to be on the move via bus, nor have 24 children to keep track of. We talked about the aspects of tour we miss: the excitement, the constant change, the kids, the limelight. But we agreed we’re happy where we are with places of our own, spouses, full-time jobs, and schedules of our choosing.

We compared notes on visiting churches, too. We're both looking for Community (capital C). It’s nice to have a friend so like-minded. Our experiences mirror each other in so many ways and I really value hearing her perspective. You should check out her and her husband's blog.

I miss her already.

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