Saturday, April 18, 2009

Travelogue part 2

Friday 3: 50pm
Greetings from 38,000 feet. Turns out cheese as an in-flight snack costs six bucks. Guess I’ll stick with complimentary peanuts.

I have a window seat, and I can see Montana in all it’s miniature glory below. Quite a bit of turbulence so far. I made the mistake of not eating before boarding and the 20 ounces of water I bought from the vending machine (for TWO FIFTY) proves less than filling. Ooh. The flight attendant finally made it to the back of the plane (I’m a mere three rows from the closet containing a toilet).

NO! PA just announced snack service cancelled due to turbulence! I don’t know which is worse, instability in a 757 while airborne, or my growling stomach.

Oh my. The highly anticipated snack totals 12 grams.


  1. Aww thats horrible, no snack! I love the peanuts and I definetly would not pay that much for Cheese!

  2. Em, I love both travelogue blogs. I can so relate to the loving traveling alone. It is pretty cool, and kind of gives you a rush because you feel so capable, even though it's totally idiot proofed. :)

    I love you and miss you.