Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Note to Self: It's Worth It

The latest development in my life is that Husband and I have started running again. We didn't join a gym or a runners club, or commit to a work-out regimen, but last week all conditions were favorable as far as timing goes, so we ran. The weather was horrible. Altogether a miserable experience. BUT...I ran a full mile. Last year, it took me until AUGUST to do that. So having a jump start on a summer-of-outdoor-activity feels good. Tonight will be our fifth run.

J has to verbally prod me along the whole time (his endurance and pain tolerance are way better than mine) and I have to fight murderous thoughts as I gasp for breath and stumble forward. The only thing going through my mind in the last quarter-mile is, "WHY did I let him talk me into this? I will NEVER do this again." But I like the way I feel after running. I want to show you our progress from last week, so I'll post my few running journal entries next time. For now, I'd like to jot down a few things before I forget. Remind me of these if I start whining.

1) My body is more capable than I give it credit. All my limbs and joints and respiratory and cardiovascular systems work. My muscles and breathing and general well-being are improving. I am lurching out of a sedentary winter of physical and emotional hibernation, into this new schedule of activity and exertion. I'm impressed. Way to go, anatomy.

2) Being exhausted is a good feeling when I've ACCOMPLISHED something. The quarter-mile markers on our trail show little landmarks of success. Cooling down after our run, collapsing into the car on our way home, guzzling water, breathing belly-deep breaths with expanded lungs, all feels GOOD. I'm frickin' proud of myself. I'm no gazelle, but at least I won't be a sloth.

3) I have fewer tension headaches, more energy during the day, I sleep hard, and feel stronger.

I'm a brand-new, baby-beginner. But I see a lot of benefits after the first week, and I hope this post will motivate me when it doesn't feel so rewarding.

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