Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunburn in January

I'm tickled pink. Literally.

After a week of this and then a week of this, the winter doldrums have me down. I'm tired of walking to the bus stop in the dark each morning and walking home after work once daylight has long gone. Sitting in front of our full spectrum "happy" light only helps so much.

Our apartment complex owns a tanning bed. You can see where this is going, can't you? Last night I imagined myself on sandy beaches and warmed my bones with good old artificial sunshine. It was lovely. And today I'm bright pink in funny places. My circadian rhythm needed a little back-up.


  1. Seems to me you need to come back to Florida. Of course, sometimes our temps drop too, so knowing our luck it would drop to 30 degrees as you step off the plane.

  2. When I lived in an apartment complex, I took advantage of their tanning bed, but not being a "regular" I was in a bit too long and got a little pink. But it didn't show up until later that night at my brother-in-law's birthday party. I had on tanning goggles while tanning and I had several people ask me if I'd been skiing. It was embarrassing to admit it was just a bit too much time in the tanning bed!