Monday, November 24, 2008

I have to drink how many ounces of water???

Day three of Highly-Marketed-Mainstream-Diet-Plan. If anyone tries to convince me of the nutritional value of carrot sticks, I'm going to gag.


  1. dill pickles are my personal diet savior.

    sounds weird, but they quench a salt craving, offer a whole lot of flavor and you can eat a crapload of them without feeling guilty (at least on weight watchers).

    you can email me for more tips or to complain about dieting any time! i've been at my goal weight for almost a month now and i know lots of ways to quench my cravings without spoiling my diet. i'm happy to share!

  2. i totally wrote that last comment before i saw your comment on my blog! i need to set up notifications or something.

    ANYWAY stay tuned for an update. :)

    you can do this sista! it took me a little while to get started too, but once you see some progress you will be STOKED and it will keep motivating you.

    one of my mantras is "it tastes better to be thin." it doesn't make sense grammatically, but it makes sense to me. hope that helps!