Monday, September 22, 2008

Commuters R Us

So, two things.

1) I sold my car (actually, my brother in-law-in-law did for me). I am now vehicle-less.

2) J and I bought bus passes and have been commuting via Whatcom Transportation Authority since the beginning of August.

We did this to save money. We still have J’s Kia, but we only drive it one or two days a week, usually for running errands on the weekends. Since we live in town and I am no longer commuting 30 miles every day from the edges of the county, it only made sense.

Things I don't miss about driving:
*Finding parking
*Filling the gas tank every other week

Unexpected benefits of bus-riding:
*Exercise walking to and from the bus stop.
*More time to wake up in the morning. The extra time we allow between the alarm going off and arriving at work is kind of nice. As much as I like every last minute I can spend in bed, I feel more alert and ready to interact with people after a 10-minute bus ride with Husband.
*Time to read! I’m lousy at reading before bed. I just fall asleep. First thing in the morning is a much better time for me to dive into my reading. And my list of Books-I-must-read-since-I-already-own-them is long. That’s another post for another time.
*Entertainment. People-watching is rarely more amusing than it is on public transit.
*Exploring everything within bus-distance from home. There’s plenty to see and do that I didn’t even consider while driving. I especially enjoyed taking the bus downtown this summer and walking to the Bellingham Farmer’s Market. Another great location for people-watching.

It can be a drag to spend twice as much time getting from point A to point B, but I am actually enjoying the switch. Try it sometime!

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