Thursday, June 26, 2008

My newest best friends

Emily, Karen, Jessica
This is photographic evidence of some classy decorating by some classy ladies. Jessica threatened Jamie with golden cherubs to set the mood for her wedding reception (and silk flowers in peach and seafoam). We couldn't find flowers, but the color scheme at the country club was very accomodating. Guess who found these garish sugar bowls: Karen! I knew right away that this was a kindred spirit.

Jessica and Karen were so much fun. For having just met Karen and being out of touch with Jessica for 3 years, we sure hit it off well! The three of us helped Jaim with last minute wedding errands on Friday, partied it up Saturday, and then spent Sunday together once the newly-weds were honeymooning. This was such a treat: thanks, Luger family for adopting two new girls into your "Family of Choice." It meant more to me than I can express.

And I know just who to call when I need new home-decor ideas.

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